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We hope that this site becomes your destination for the best in English Language Russian Talk shows. In addition to our regular shows, we'll also bring to you the best in American Old Time radio programs from the 1940s and 1950s, which is considered the "Golden Age" of American radio.

In addition to our ever expanding talk format, we offer the best selection of music on any Chelyabinsk radio station, from the Blues to Rock and everything in between, you'll hear the songs you crave. Additionally, we believe in exposing our listener to the very best in Indy bands and also give these bands some free airtime. You can listen to tomorrow's hits today!

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Hi! This is me, Dan, I’m from Russia, Chelyabinsk, just 16 years old, and I’m yours new manager of the radio! I’ll refresh our beautiful radio for you! Things I’ll do for now: Updating playing playlist, you might already see the changes! Update Schedule list, it’s not fully updated yet, but it will be fullyContinue Reading

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